Make breakfast together.

Give your kids something to look forward to by preparing breakfast together. Start the morning right with a nice hearty meal that they helped prepare. Celebrate their new found culinary skills by joyfully gobbling up the finished product.

If you’re lacking a spatula or whisk, True Value (2/F, Santolan Town Plaza) has the basic cooking and baking tools you need. They come in fun kid-friendly colors and shapes, too.

Make time for play time.

Reward your kid for surviving another busy school year with a trip to the arcade. Q Power Station (Power Plant Mall and Santolan Town Plaza) offers a selection of new and classic games both you and your kid will enjoy.

Get a new ‘do for two.


There are many ways to beat the heat. Getting a haircut is one practical way to do it, but it can also be a fun chance to bond with your kid. This summer, take the little one on a salon date at Cuts 4 Tots (Power Plant Mall and Santolan Town Plaza). They also offer adult haircuts, in case you need to show your kids that getting a trim isn’t as scary as they think.

Bond over comfort food and story time.

Kids these days have the edge of learning their A-B-Cs from a YouTube video or other apps, but nothing beats reading a good book. Exposing your child to books at an early age helps with their language development. Fully Booked (Power Plant Mall and Santolan Town Plaza) has a wide selection of books for kids of all ages.

While you let the little one read, enjoy some quiet time as you indulge in a hearty meal. From sandwiches, pasta, rice meals, PRESS by Fully booked (Power Plant Mall and Santolan Town Plaza) offers a variety of hearty comfort food for you and the little ones.

Watch a movie.


Catch a blockbuster with your kids! To check the full schedule and to reserve tickets, you may visit

Looking for more fun summer activities? Get inspiration from shops at the R3 Level of Power Plant Mall and around Santolan Town Plaza.

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