Spend a leisurely afternoon at PRESS by Fully Booked with a good read

PRESS by Fully Booked is now up and running together with Fully Booked at Santolan Town Plaza. The quaint and cozy space is ideal for those who prefer to work remotely while enjoying freshly pressed coffee and pastries and a good book in between writing. If you’re feeling cabin fever during the Halloween break, this is a good respite to get lost in your own world and recharge before heading back to reality. We promise, it’s very therapeutic.


Take up biking (for leisure or exercise) with help from the Bike Shop guys

If exploring the great outdoors is your jam, it’s highly advisable to invest in a bike, either one for the road or biking up the mountains or off road terrain. Check out the Bike Shop and look for their resident manager/biking champion for an in-depth one-on-one session on which bike suits your needs best. They’re extremely helpful and down to earth, answering all your queries and more, making sure you get your money’s worth. It’s a one-stop shop for everything bike related, down to the helmets and small accessories AND they do repairs and adjustments, too! We suggest getting the wheels and enjoy cruising the metro—it’s good for the environment and your well being, too!


De-stress and toy with your herb garden with tools from True Value

Plant parenting has been the hobby of choice nowadays so why not start a home herb garden as your much-needed R and R this semestral break? True Value has the complete kit to jump start growing your own food, from the tools, to fertilizer, to the actual seeds themselves! There’s a step-by-step guide on how to go about it with ease and we reckon it’s even more fun to make it a family affair. Get the kids off gadgets and schedule a gardening day, stat!


Pamper yourself at Nail Spa

Moms (or anyone for that matter) need their break as much as the next person, so take that much needed me-time and indulge in Nail Spa’s Bliss Hands and Feet packages in their equally chic and relaxing space in Santolan Town Plaza. Serenity is felt the moment your enter the thoughtfully decorated space, from the fresh and fruity scent in the air to the calm shades of blue and muted tones scattered about, to the neatly arranged polish of which some brands are exclusive to the shop alone. The luxurious treatment starts with cleaning, a soak in bubble bliss followed by a scrub, a foot or hand mask and a 30 or 45-minute reflexology ending with a designer polish of your choice. Bliss Hands are P750 while Bliss Feet is P1300. Gift certificates are also available in case you want to give the gift of relaxation or simply treat yourself after surviving a tough week.


Watch that blockbuster you’ve been eyeing at the cinemas

Love movies but hate the rat race of having to go to a mall? Consider watching your favorite films at Santolan Town Plaza’s cinemas for the ultimate relaxing experience away from the maddening crowd. Apart from brand spanking new interiors, plush leather seats and an overall sense of calm, you can enjoy snacks available for your pleasure while watching. The relatively compact theater gives an illusion of watching at home, in your very own cinema without too much distraction, perfect way to spend a lazy and slow holiday.

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