Now on it’s 11th year of celebrating the best of Brazilian and Filipino cultures, BRASILIPINAS 2018, will be held at Santolan Town Plaza—Rockwell’s newest retail development in San Juan—on August 25, 2018. The carnaval street party is a culmination of a four-day event comprising special capoeira classes by professional capoeira masters and samba workshops for both adults and kids alike.

The grace and strength of traditional Brazilian Capoeira
Photo taken by Mr..Albert Labrador.

But how did Brasilipinas fever come to Manila? Alessandro Coqueiro, better known by his capoeira master moniker: Mestre Fantasma, shares about the exciting event and why the traditional Brazilian sport is good for the body, mind and soul.


How did Brasilipinas come to be?

Mestre Fantasma: Brasilipinas officially started in 2007, but the idea to put Filipinos and Brazilian artists together was formed way back in 2004 when I first arrived in the country and met a lot of great people who were very passionate about Brazil.  Just like the famous carnaval in Rio, people from Manila to Davao, and all over the world come to join in on the fun. Everyone is more than welcome to participate, eat great food, meet new friends and learn more about Brazil and the Philippines.


What’s special about this year’s Brasilipinas in Santolan Town Plaza?

MS: Brasilipinas 2018 is a 4-day event with a lot of special classes led by Brazilian professional masters of Capoeira and Samba, whom we invite from all over the world. This year, we are bringing the event to a brand-new project of Rockwell, Santolan Town Plaza in San Juan, and so far the response of our followers are great! Wherever Rockwell goes, we will be happy to bring our classes to fans to enjoy the festivities.

Mestre Fantasma—the easygoing master and founder of Sempre Capoeira Mestre Fantasma


Let’s talk more about your capoeira school. How would you describe the community of Sempre Capoeira Mestre Fantasma?

MS: Sempre Capoeira is the name of my Capoeira school. Capoeira was officially established here in the Philippines in 2003 by our group with the official name Escola Brasileira de Capoeira Philippines, but recently we changed it to Sempre Capoeira Mestre Fantasma. Capoeira has always been the reason of the success of the Brazilian culture around the world. Capoeira not only promotes and teaches martial arts but it highlights the best of Brazil for their practitioners. Capoeira events are always the most fun events to watch for the variety of cultural attractions like Samba, Batucada, Maculelê, culinary, etc. We have been reaching our goals every year, everyone that comes and enjoys our event learn and fall in love with the Brazilian culture, or I can say, the Capoeira culture.


What are the benefits of Capoiera that you won’t get from other forms of sport?

MS: Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art that combines elements of fight, dance, music and acrobatics. Capoeira can result to overall wellness, and become more confident not only in the class but in life. In Capoeira, you will develop a great fitness habit, a passion for playing new instruments, a love for singing and probably the most important, the friends you make and keep throughout your Capoeira journey.

Photo taken by Mr..Albert Labrador.


For the complete schedule on capoeira workshops, visit and follow Santolan Town Plaza on Facebook and Instagram for more details on Brasilipinas 2018.



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