What is a Brazilian caranval without the heart-pounding beats, passionate samba and elaborate costumes? At Brasilipinas 2018, you can expect all these and more at the sunset street party! Pop those hips to Afro-Brazilian and latin performances from  Brigada and SalSamba Fusion, and hear the electrifying music of Brazilian-born DJ Luane and Guarana. And no carnaval will be complete without an all-night samba and reggae dance fest with Escola de Samba de Manila and Imperatriz Filipinense Samba School. 

So, do you think you’re ready for the hottest party on this side of town? Here’s how you can prepare for Brasilipinas 2018 this August 25.



The beauty experts in Piandre are the reason why the salon has been thriving and continues to do so no matter where it decides to put up shop. Their Santolan Town Plaza branch was bustling on a Tuesday afternoon when we came to visit and try their hairstyling service and asked for loose waves. The end result was party-ready hair that’s in no way contrived or dated, a testament to the salon’s excellent reputation. We are Brasilipinas ready!

Piandre is located at the 2/F in Santolan Town Plaza.



Brazilians like their meats and at Hugo, you get the best of both worlds: kebabs the way they like it with an added Pinoy flavor. We tried the beef and chicken versions and they did not disappoint! The meats were tender and tasty, with a hint of sweetness evident in Filipino cuisine. They came with corn on the cob cuts and steamed veggies to balance out the flavors in lieu of rice, a carb-free meal that won’t leave you sluggish and gets your ready for more dancing. Make sure to down it with some local beer for the complete gastronomical experience!

Hugo is located at the G/F in Santolan Town Plaza.


Cura V

The ladies of Cura V certainly know how to throw an accessory party. Their accessories come in colorful choices from noted local designers by way of a graphic minaudière, festive fringe earrings, and an ingenious straw bag that becomes the star of your ensemble. If you’re no wallflower and love to go bold or go home, these are the only options to go foran instant arm or ear party even before you step out the door.

Cura V is located at the R2 Level of Power Plant Mall.



Ever-reliable shoe and accessories shop Aldo carries Rio-inspired items on hand just in time for Brasilipinas festivities! Sequined flats are definitely made for street parties and go splendidly with statement earrings or a lariat necklacewhichever tickles your fancy. Top off the look with an embroidered handbag complete with pompoms for the ultimate party vibe hanging on your arm. All you need is a bright, monochromatic outfit and you’re all set!

Aldo is located at the R2 Level of Power Plant Mall.


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