Who knew dining and shopping at Santolan Town Plaza and The Grove could be so rewarding?

If you’re a frequent shopper-slash-movie buff who gets excited at the thought of freebies, then you’re in for a treat. From August 1 to September 30, dining and shopping Santolan Town Plaza and The Grove can get you a couple of free movie passes!

To learn specifics on the promo, you can click here. But if you’re in search for a personal shopping guide, scroll down to check out some hidden gems that could help you and a friend score free movie passes:


Take a breather from book versions of blockbuster movies and get to know the stories of amazing women. Rejected Princesses Tales of History’s Heroines, Hellions & Heretics is about real life power women who stood up, defended and fought for what they believed in and succeeded with flying colors. How’s that for inspiring?

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls 200 Hundred Tales of Extraordinary Womenwhich now comes in two volumesteaches young women that a little rebellion never hurt. It, in fact, can sometimes lead to greatness.

Who knew these perpetually out of stock titles can be found at Fully Booked, Santolan Town Plaza? Now, you do!

Barcino has been serving comfort Spanish cuisine for years now but did you know their paella selection goes beyond the classic and negra versions?

Presenting versions that cater to different taste buds and diets: the Paella de Verduras which stars seasonal vegetables for the non-meat eater, and the Paella de Chorizo y Pollo for the chorizo and chicken lover who can’t be bothered with veggies. Both equally mouth-watering delicious and satisfying, you don’t need much else to eat them with, except maybe a bottle of chardonnay or shiraz from Barcino’s extensive selection. They aren’t known for their premium wines for nothing.


Om Indian Kitchen is a spot that residents of The Grove and Pasig have probably been keeping all to themselves.

But the secret is out! Om could instantly become a cult favorite if only for their special South Indian dishes that aren’t readily available anywhere else.

Try their Dosa, a light crepe with curry-flavored potatoes inside, accompanied by chutney and sambar, similar to our fried lumpia. Another interesting item on the menu is the Idli, steamed rice cakes that also comes with chutney and sambar, their version of our puto but not as sweet. Love a little heat? Have the Stuffed Chili Pakora, a spicy appetizer featuring deep fried green chili with tasty potato stuffing.  They also have vegetable samosas, chicken tikka masala, and traditional naan.

Everything was so good albeit on the spicy side, even though it was just their mild version, so keep this in mind in case your tolerance for heat is low.

The Gardens is a haven for the health-conscious, serving organic comfort fare in a beautifully decorated space found right smack in the middle of the bustling city.

Apart from healthy meals and freshly brewed coffee, they also sell potent juices from The Juicery Manila for those who prefer to detox after a long night, a weekend of indulging or simply release toxins via juicing. Never pasteurized, frozen or watered down nor mixed with sugar, sweeteners, fillers or preservatives, what you see is what you get: a pure concoction of fruits and vegetables that’s surprisingly filling and sweet.

The red bottle or Detoxify Beet urges your body to release stomach acid, helping in digestion, purifies your blood, cleanses your liver and lungs, regulates hormone function, and increases endurance.  

The green one or Green Potion is made of celery, cucumber, apple, capsicum, lemon and ginger that’s known to be anti-aging and cancer fighting plus alkalizes and promotes digestion. It also helps to regulate blood pressure and assists the body in eliminating free radicals. 

The yellow is the C Splash a.k.a carrot, orange, lemon and ginger, a Vitamin C rich creation that boosts the immune system, fights inflammation and promotes optimal cell function. Did we mention that it also keeps you slim and youthful, gives you shiny hair, strong nails and smooth skin? What’s not to love?  

Head on over to Santolan Town Plaza and The Grove to get your free movie tickets. Read more about the Spend & Watch promo here.

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