You’re not you, until you’ve had your morning cup of joe. It’s a good thing that Starbucks Coffee just opened right around the corner at Santolan Town Plaza.

Image of Starbucks Storefront at Santolan Town Plaza

For the ones who start their day at a relaxed pace, this Starbucks stands out from the rest because of the comfortable feeling you get even before you step inside the shop. The perfect view of sprawling open grounds will make you forget that you’re in the middle of busy San Juan City. With a cup of brewed coffee in one hand, and the morning paper in the other, you can sit by the full-length windows and enjoy the steady rise of your day.

If you’re more of a jumpstart in the morning, the upbeat jazz tunes and coffee aroma will perk you right up. The lively interiors and hand-painted murals will get your creativity flowing as you take a spot at the co-working tables near the coffee bar. Your neighborhood baristas will cheerfully prepare your drink of the day—either a strong Cold Brew or one of their sweet new concoctions.

Either way, this coffeehouse is the place to be for those who seek to grind and unwind, and everything in between.  Starbucks at Santolan Town Plaza is open daily at the G/F Pavilions from 7am to 12AM.

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