From the outside, it’s easy to mistake True Value as just a hardware store which your Dad, or Tito will go for tools, or things to be used inside the house, the garden, or the family car. But a quick trip inside will make you realize that it’s anything but. You’d be pleasantly surprised to find things that you never thought you needed in your life, until that moment you find yourself inside, pleasantly surprised. Here’s a rundown on some of those things that can make your life a little more interesting, if not easier:

Comfort Travel Set

This travel set will make sure that your trips will be relaxing despite the long hours of travel. What makes this extra is that it’s really handy! An inflatable neck pillow, ear plugs, and an eye mask all packed in a small kit for easy storage and can fit in any kind of hand carry you may have.

Wine Tasting Party Kit

Ever imagined being a wine connoisseur, and be able to distinctively taste those fruity notes apart from the oak flavor of that vintage red from the exquisite gardens of Europe? Well, now’s the time to call your friends for a party, because this Wine Tasting Party Kit comes complete with a wine tasting guide, a score sheet, and other things that will let you play the expert, even for just a night!

UV Cellphone Sanitizer

Your cellphone is ten times dirtier than your toilet seat, says an article from TIME. It’s as scary as it sounds, and if you want to keep yourself, and your phone clean, this UV Cellphone Sanitzer should do the trick. It’s like giving your phone a nice bath to kill 99.9% of dangerous germs and bacteria!

Travel John Disposable Urinal

We’ve all been there: being stuck in horrendous Metro Manila traffic for hours with a bladder about to explode, and no bathroom in sight. Now you don’t have to reach for that empty bottle, because this Travel John will save you, and bring salvation.

Star Wars Playing Cards

Geek alert! You can find playing cards even in your nearest convenient store, but a Star Wars playing card set? In a Storm Trooper Helmet container, no less? You might not even find that in your local hobby stop!

Soda Fresh Fizz Keeper

We can all agree that once soda loses its fizz, it’s like it’s lost its soul. Now, you don’t have to worry about your opened soda bottle from last night’s party going bland and soulless. This soda life saver will keep your bottle of fizz fresh until your next party.

Ant Killer

The only amusing ant is probably Ant-Man, because it’s not amusing when you find your sweets being eaten by these tiny critters. But have no fear, the Ant Killer is here. Your ant problem will be dealt with easily!

Pest Control Collar

Rockwell living means it’s a pet friendly community. So living, and hanging out in Santolan Town Plaza means your pets are welcome too! We give love to, and take care of our pets like their part of the family. And as one of the small members of the family, keeping pests away from them wherever you take them helps make sure they’re healthy, and in good shape. Good thing there’s a pest control collar just for that!

Surprised by what you can find in True Value? There’s so much more to see, and you’ll definitely find something you that will make everyday living a little more extraordinary.

True Value is located at 3/F in Santolan Town Plaza, Santolan Road, San Juan.

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