Santolan Town Plaza Aerial View
Santolan Town Plaza – A place to grind and unwind, and everything in between.

To anyone who has grown up in a small neighborhood, you’ll know all about the little, sweet things no one else gets to experience–the relaxing, open-air atmosphere, small crowds but recognizable faces, and that special feeling of having something exclusive to your own part of the world.

And then, there’s the big city, where every variety and convenience imaginable can be found in each corner. But it also comes with the constant need to escape the noise and stress of being where everyone is at the same time.

What if there’s a place in the city wherein you don’t feel the need to trade-off convenience and location with peace and quiet? As Rockwell’s newest commercial and retail development, this is what that Santolan Town Plaza has to offer.

Opening in 2018, Santolan Town Plaza will bring the best of the Rockwell retail lifestyle to the North. Nestled in the relaxing suburbs of San Juan, Santolan Town Plaza will carry the Rockwell signature of indulgent design, lifestyle conveniences, and pedestrian-first security. It will be a familiar hang-out that’s upscale but still inviting, with a strong sense of belonging & ownership to nearby neighborhoods. It will be the sweet spot between work and life as Santolan Town Plaza will have flexible office spaces available for budding small businesses and established entrepreneurs alike.

Santolan Town Plaza Frontage
A curated selection of dinning and leisure spots that the community will surely enjoy.

Set upon a background of sprawling open space and lush greenery, Santolan Town Plaza will be home to a carefully curated selection of casual restaurants, cafes, and service establishments. Designed to meet the needs to the surrounding residential areas of Greenhills, San Juan, and New Manila, this community retail will have its own grocery and deli, entertainment, and kids’ zones. Anchors such as Marketplace by Rustans’, True Value and Dolby-Atmos equipped cinema theatres will open its doors as early as December 2017. Much-loved brands and shops like Fully Booked and Press Café, Pancake House, Starbucks and Active Fun will welcome customers by February 2018. Completing the sweet life at Santolan Town Plaza are banks, salons and other service retailers to help customers enjoy running their daily errands.

[blockquote author=”Tin Coqueiro, VP and General Manager of Retail at Rockwell Land” pull=”normal”]“Rockwell has always strived to disrupt and redefine the meaning of a curated lifestyle. It’s about giving the kind of experience that matters most to the communities we build. This is why Santolan Town Plaza is built to become the ideal neighborhood spot where everyday indulgences and lifestyle conveniences come together.”[/blockquote]

Santolan Town Plaza is located at 276 Santolan Road, San Juan Metro Manila. For more news and updates, you may follow the Santolan Town Plaza Facebook and Instagram pages.


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